Top 10 Best Motivational Speeches

Motivation is a powerful thing and for many of us it is motivation that drives us on in life and to achieve our life long goals. However most of the population are stuck in a rut. Stuck in life with every day passing with nothing achieved.

If you think about it, ask yourself a question? what have you achieved in the past week. Probably nothing. What have you achieved in the past month?. Probably nothing. Before you know it the year has passed and you are probably in the same position you were a year ago.

We all have dreams and aspirations and believe we will achieve our dreams down the line but the thing is. What have you done today to get you a step closer to achieving your dreams?. Can you safely say what you did today was an improvement on what you did yesterday? Probably not. So how are you going to get there?.

It is easy to fall into the routine of life and as a result life passes us by. Sometimes we need a push. Some motivation to reset our minds and point us in the right direction to actually start thinking and planning our future to create the success and the life we are looking for.

Yes there will be negative people who will tell you whatever you are looking for is impossible or that you are not strong enough to achieve your dreams. LET ME TELL YOU, what your friends or family are telling you is TOTAL crap. You can achieve anything. If someone else can do it then so can you.

So going a little deeper in relation to motivation. We are all in different parts of our life requiring motivation for different aspects in life. Be it Motivation for success, motivation for study, gym motivation to get those results you always wanted or morning motivation.

Moving forward i am going to outline the top 10 Best Motivational Speeches. Yes there are many “best motivational speeches” but it is how you apply that motivational speech to your current situation to suit your need. So I am going to outline the best motivational speech to fit into many motivational categories.

So in no particular order lets start with number 1.

Interested VS committed Best Motivational Speech.

  1. In this particular motivational video we focus on motivation for success. Let me ask you a question? Are you interested in achieving your goals, or are you committed to achieving your goals?. If you are interested, yes it shows you have some interest in achieving your goals but the reality is you will NEVER achieve them BECAUSE YOU HAVE NOT made a commitment in your mind of making changes. Where as if you ARE COMMITTED and told yourself you are committed to achieving a goal your mind will automatically work towards that goal. Have a listen to the BEST MOTIVATIONAL SPEECH in relation to commitment.

Stay tuned to the additions to this post for more exciting information in relation to the BEST MOTIVATIONAL SPEECH. Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

2. BELIEVE Best Motivational Speech

Today i have a very powerful speech in relation to believing in yourself. Did you know if you DO NOT BELIEVE you can achieve your goal or do not believe in yourself for success OR do not believe in whatever it is you are thinking about. You can be dam sure you will NEVER ACHIEVE your goal of losing weight or becoming a success in whatever aspect in life you dream of.

Did you know that everyone thought the 4 minute mile was impossible to achieve. They said it could never be done and for decades no one ever achieved the 4 minute mile BECAUSE THEY BELIEVED it could not be done. HOWEVER one guy named Roger Bannister BELIEVED he could achieve this against all odds. HE BELIEVED IN HIMSELF. He set his mind to believe he could. Within time and effort he achieved the 4 minute mile.

What is interesting is, within 6 weeks of achieving the 4 minute mile many others achieved this success. ONE AFTER THE OTHER. Because one person broke this record many others believed they could also.

So what does that tell you. If you doubt yourself you are automatically creating failure in your mind BUT if you “BELIEVE in yourself” you are setting a foundation for success.

If you are looking for a little motivation then watch our best motivational speech on BELIEVING.

BELIEVE – Best Motivational Speech

Stay tuned for the rest of our top 10 motivational videos

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